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Hi there, this is Rich.

It is imperative in my work as a Florida Insurance Agent to shed light on the risks faced by all Floridians, and Americans, in order that our brokerage may offer you with tangible solutions. The current economic landscape is troubling enough, and your hard-earned income, your loved ones, home, property and valuables are each subject to unexpected changes and damages.

Selecting the right insurance policy truly can bring peace of mind – and relief when it is needed most.


Take Action, Protect Your Assets

My immediate concern is helping you and our existing clients, friends, and family to PROTECT AND GROW their wealth, because the time is RIGHT NOW.

Why? Our country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product), or what we earn in a year, is 14 trillion dollars.


Our National Debt is 16 trillion dollars and rising. We now take in less in a year than we owe, and 1/3 of this goes just to pay the interest on the debt.


We as a nation are overspending by 5 trillion dollars per year when you account for unfunded liabilities like Social Security and Medicare.  This is a far cry from the media advertised 1.1 trillion dollars, and there is NO POLITICAL WILL TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT.  Many fear the eventual collapse of the dollar and massive inflation.  We cannot raise taxes enough to meet these obligations, so we will print more money in order to avoid a default.


Can you imagine our military, teachers, firemen, and police not getting their paychecks?  This is not sustainable folks, and famed economists and analysts agree that there is no way to avoid a 2nd financial collapse, and it is certain to be much worse.

Nobody wants bad news, but these are the unfortunate facts, and your assets are at risk.



That said, there is some good news and an incredible SOLUTION if you qualify.

Life Insurance

It is in the form of a Tax Deferred and Tax Free Indexed Life Policy with Allianz, or one of our other top rated carriers.  Insurance is NOT REGULATED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, so your funds are protected against taxation when you take them out for retirement, purchases, tuition, etc.

Also, you can NEVER LOSE MONEY in any given year regardless of what happens in the markets.  Consider this an elevator with no “down” button.  When the market does well, the gains are locked in, and the policy re-sets every year.  If the market goes down, your account will show a “0” for that year.

Recall the year 2008 when people lost nearly 40% of the value of their 401K’s and IRA’s.  If they had an Indexed Life Policy during this time, they would have lost nothing.  And, the death benefit for life eliminates the need for you to have separate Term Life Insurance and Retirement policies.


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There is NO MINIMUM amount required to get started on a plan.


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