benefits of working with an agent

With myriad online insurance quote websites and plans to choose from at your fingertips, it may be hard to determine what purpose an agent serves in the current marketplace. A licensed independent insurance agent can help you find a policy and stay covered more effectively than shopping solo and trusting your coverage to a carrier’s website alone.

Maybe you’re old fashioned.  Perhaps you’re confused by the options available online and need assistance sorting through plans. Or you may be perfectly modern and tech-savvy, yet lack insurance product knowledge that could make or break your investment in coverage altogether.

No matter your reason and circumstance, it can be greatly beneficial to speak with a real person before choosing your own Life Insurance, Auto policy, Homeowners plan, Business Insurance, or any other line of coverage. Often times you choose a plan simply based on the lowest premium rate. This shopping method can leave you with less coverage than you should carry, or assuming important features are automatically included, such as emergency roadside assistance in an auto policy, for example.


Knowledge, Experience, Real People

If you have ever called a toll-free number in search of assistance, you are likely aware that great service, accurate information, and prompt response times are hard to find. When submitting a claim, ideally you will want a smooth, expedited process, handled by a trained claims worker. With policy access and claims status updates readily available in most cases, a local Agent can ensure that your claim is processed properly, quickly, and without unnecessary delays.

A licensed, local Insurance Agent has the credentials and authority to clarify your questions about what coverage amounts you need, in addition to explaining deductibles and exclusions that an arbitrary call center representative may not know.

You have the valuable option of meeting with your agent in person, if needed. Some consumers feel much more trusting when face to face consultations are available.

It is possible that if you buy insurance online, the bargain you found is so cheap because it actually excludes certain kinds of coverage. By having a local agent review and explain your future policy before you purchase, you will better understand what is and what is not covered. Without the guidance of an Agent, you’re more susceptible to finding out what is not covered after a claim is rejected, and you are forced to pay out of pocket.


Working with one of our Licensed Agents

When you contact an agent at Fort Myers Beach Insurance, you can expect to receive a professional opinion, and informed guidance to lead you to the best policy.

We specialize in all product lines to serve all of your personal and commercial insurance needs. Speaking with a live agent over the phone or visiting us in our local office can bring the peace of mind that you chose the right plan to cover your automobile, home, property, valuables, trust, family legacy, or company.

Insurance plans are intended to protect you, your loved ones, and your belongings.

How many times have you or someone you know felt taken advantage of by the system because of underwriting clauses, high deductibles, or other provisions that prevent you from filing a claim successfully? You expect your policy to cover you in times of need. It can be more devastating than an incident or loss itself if your insurance does not provide adequate coverage.

By contacting Fort Myers Beach Insurance, a licensed, experienced professional can help you avoid being underinsured.

We will make sure that of the hundreds of options in Florida, you select the right amount of coverage and type of policy, at a price that meets your specific budget.

Call a Live, Licensed Insurance Agent today and receive the assistance you need.